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Etsy is a very popular handmade website that continues to expand rapidly.  Fortunately, several Websites Like Etsy also specialize in buying/selling handmade goods, and many of them have lower fees.  This post lists the Top 5 alternatives to Etsy, and I include a description of each site.  I hope you enjoy!

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Unbiased Info

All of the info contained in this post (and on this website) is my personal unbiased opinion.  I do not own stock in Etsy, Amazon, or any other handmade marketplaces.  Maintaining your trust is very important to me, and I want to be open and honest with all of my recommendations.  If you have any questions, please message me.


best websites like etsy

This is my Top 5 List of Websites Like Etsy.  All of these websites specialize in selling handmade goods.  They are great for handmade business owners and shoppers looking for unique gift ideas.

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art fire website like etsy

ArtFire is a great example of websites like Etsy that specialize in selling handmade goods.  This company  is located in the Warehouse Arts Disctrict in Tuscon, Arizona.  The current CEO, John Jacobs, decided to create a smaller community marketplace after he operated his jewelry shop on eBay for several years.  ArtFire is great at actually supporting and educating the sellers that operate on their marketplace.  The company is also affiliated with Maker House provides a physical location for craft and handmade businesses to meet and collaborate.


cargoh website like etsy

Cargoh markets itself as a social marketplace for independent art and design. It is has two headquarters; one is located in the United States and the other is in Canada.  More specifically, they are located in Vancouver, British Columbia and Washington D.C.  Cargo’s stated mission is to market unique and high quality artists and designers located all around the world.  The supportive website provides tools to edit, track, and promote shops.  This allows owners and sellers to focus on their passion for creating art.  Cargoh prides itself on focusing on unique “indie” products.  They have a strict application process that must be passed to be accepted to their marketplace.

Amazon Handmade

amazon handmade websites like etsy

Most of you are probably already familiar with Amazon, the giant e-commerce site.  After analyzing the growth of handmade, Amazon decided to launch its own marketplace dedicated to handcrafted items.  This is the only one of the websites like Etsy that isn’t considerably smaller.  They appropriately named this area Amazon Handmade (or Handmade at Amazon).  Amazon Handmade has strict guidelines to verify that the products are actually made by hand.

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storenvy like etsy

Storenvy is a handmade community that features handmade and indie products.  They take extra steps to verify that the sellers are actually creating the handmade products themselves.  This is very important in a day and age where some sketchy sellers attempt to market mass-produced goods as “handmade.”  Storenvy also prioritizes offering support for their sellers.  This support includes social media marketing, which can be complicated for new business owners.  This support is very valuable, and it shows that Storenvy cares.


zibbet handmade site etsy

Zibbet is a website like Etsy that specializes in handmade products.  I absolutely love the name “zibbet,” and I’m not sure.  It is a smaller community, but it has been growing fairly rapidly over the past few years.  Zibbet prides itself as a marketplace where shoppers can find very unique and high-quality products that cannot be found anywhere else.  This marketplace supports unique artists, craft designers, and handmade shops.  Zibbet goes above and beyond by offering support to transfer products listings from Etsy, but the process is fairly simple to tackle by yourself.


I hope that this list has helped you discover some great Websites Like Etsy.  You can use these other sites to buy or sell quality handmade goods.  I always recommend that shop owners diversify and spread the reach of their products by selling on at least two websites.  If you have any questions, please contact me or post a comment below.

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Websites Like Etsy: Comments

Are you familiar with any other Websites Like Etsy?  Please share your knowledge and experiences with the HBU Community by posting a comment below.  I read all comments and always respond; thanks for keeping me motivated!


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