Top Handmade Selling Tips

top handmade selling tips


Many handmade shop owners struggle to discover ways to improve sales.  This post contains the Top Handmade Selling Tips.  This is one of the most valuable posts on the HBU website, especially for handmade shop owners.  You can use these Top Handmade Selling Tips to help ensure that your shop thrives and your sales increase rapidly!

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Renew Etsy Listings

renew etsy listings


Many Etsy shop owners are constantly looking for ways to increase their sales and the exposure of their products.  One simple method for this is to strategically Renew Etsy Listings to help improve the search results of your products.  This post is dedicated to detailing How to Renew Etsy Listings to Improve Product Exposure.

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Etsy Promoted Listings

etsy promoted listings


Many handmade business owners are constantly looking for ways to increase the visibility of their products.  One possible way to pay to market items is Etsy Promoted Listings.  This post is dedicated to explaining Etsy Promoted Listings.

This post contains unbiased information pertaining to the Etsy Handmade Marketplace.  I do not own stock in Etsy or any other handmade companies.  All of the information contained in this post is independent and unbiased.

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Etsy Products

etsy products


Many people unfamiliar with Etsy do not know what kind of products can be found on this expansive marketplace.  Etsy is known for being the largest handmade marketplace.  Other handmade marketplaces have tried to approach the growth rate of Etsy, but they have had limited success.  The second largest handmade marketplace is Amazon, and it is nowhere near Etsy.  I have decided to dedicate this entire post to serve as an overview for Etsy Products.  Hopefully this post will help people looking for products to buy or sell on this expansive marketplace.

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