Renew Etsy Listings

renew etsy listings


Many Etsy shop owners are constantly looking for ways to increase their sales and the exposure of their products.  One simple method for this is to strategically Renew Etsy Listings to help improve the search results of your products.  This post is dedicated to detailing How to Renew Etsy Listings to Improve Product Exposure.

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Etsy Promoted Listings

etsy promoted listings


Many handmade business owners are constantly looking for ways to increase the visibility of their products.  One possible way to pay to market items is Etsy Promoted Listings.  This post is dedicated to explaining Etsy Promoted Listings.

This post contains unbiased information pertaining to the Etsy Handmade Marketplace.  I do not own stock in Etsy or any other handmade companies.  All of the information contained in this post is independent and unbiased.

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Etsy Products

etsy products


Many people unfamiliar with Etsy do not know what kind of products can be found on this expansive marketplace.  Etsy is known for being the largest handmade marketplace.  Other handmade marketplaces have tried to approach the growth rate of Etsy, but they have had limited success.  The second largest handmade marketplace is Amazon, and it is nowhere near Etsy.  I have decided to dedicate this entire post to serve as an overview for Etsy Products.  Hopefully this post will help people looking for products to buy or sell on this expansive marketplace.

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Best Selling Handmade Categories

best selling handmade categories


I wanted to start off this post by stating that I know that best-selling has a dash when used as an adjective.  I haven’t included the dash for SEO purposes.  As handmade sales continue to boom, more people are opening handmade shops online.  One of the most common questions I get asked deals with the best-selling handmade categories.  I hope this post helps you discover the Best Selling Handmade Categories.

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I decided to examine sales from the most popular handmade marketplace, Etsy.  To calculate the best-selling handmade categories, I added up the sales of the top 5 shops in each category.  Here are the results:

  1. Paper Goods
  2. Children
  3. Graphic Design
  4. Jewelry
  5. Needlecraft
  6. Clothing
  7. Patterns 
  8. Accessories
  9. Party Supplies
  10. Weddings

I decided to cross out Paper Goods, Graphic Design, and Patterns because I do not view those categories as strictly handmade.  As a result, I included the next three categories to round out my Top 10:

  1. Art
  2. Bath and Body
  3. Home and Living

I have included a detailed breakdown of each of these Top 10 Best Selling Categories below.  I have also included the number of sales for the Top 5 Sellers.  The number of sales is for this year, 2017.

#1.  Children

Total # of Sales (Top 5 Sellers): 786,682

I really wasn’t surprised to see this category near the top of this list.  Many people focus on their children as their number 1 priority, and they spend a lot of money to keep them happy!  Popular items in this category include bows, tutu’s, and t-shirts.  You could probably differentiate yourself by providing items for little boys, but it may be more difficult to obtain sales.

#2.  Jewelry

Total # of Sales: 690,802

This was another category that was not a surprise for me.  I have noticed that jewelry is an extremely popular category.  Every time that I think that the market is saturated with handmade jewelry sellers, more shops pop up and start making money.  There may be some easier categories to start out in, but there is a lot of money in jewelry.  My gut tells me that this category will remain extremely popular for many years to come 🙂

#3.  Needlecraft (Sewing)

Total # of Sales: 644,830

I originally wondered how needlecraft was different than clothing.  I found out the answer when I began looking at the popular products in needlecraft.  Needlecraft is closely related with embroidery and sewing.  These are supplies that you can use to make clothing and other products.

#4.  Clothing

Total # of Sales: 639,226

It makes sense that Clothing would be a popular handmade category, because it is a popular category of items sold online in general.  Some of the popular items in this category overlap with the popular items in the Children category above.  Popular items include kid’s t-shirts with witty phrases, tank tops with unique graphics, and adult shirts with unique phrases.

#5.  Accessories

Total # of Sales: 382,005

At first glance, I thought that this was an extremely broad category.  After some analysis, I discovered that this category mainly encompasses clothing accessories.  Popular items include bows, buttons, and keychains.

#6.  Party Supplies

Total # of Sales: 366,158

This category’s popularity was another one that surprised me.  Although many shops sell individual products, many of the products are sold as package items for special occasion.  For instance, you can purchase complete party packs for themed birthday parties, office parties, and holiday parties.

#7.  Weddings

Total # of Sales: 357,720

This is a popular category with great margins.  If i was opening a new shop today, I would open a shop that sold items in this category.  i have found a niche in bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts to be popular and profitable.  The key is finding unique products within this category.  You can make a lot of money if you discover an under-served niche within this category.

#8.  Art

Total # of Sales: 342,147

I was surprised that this category was not higher up on this list.  I’m sure the order of these categories changes throughout the year, and maybe this category is more popular late in the year.  There are many unique products in this category.  The shop with the top sales currently sells collages.

#9.  Bath & Body

Total # of Sales: 341,461

Bath and Body can be another profitable category if you choose the right products.  Essential oils are very popular products within this category.  Handmade soaps and lotions are also very popular.

#10.  Home & Living

Total # of Sales: 336,348

This is an extremely broad category that contains many different shops and products.  Finding a niche in this general category is key, and it isn’t too difficult.  I have personally sold some items within this category, and they were some of my most profitable products.  Popular items include engraved cutting boards, customized coasters, and engraved glasses.


I hope this post has given you some insight and helped you discover some of the popular handmade categories.  You can use this information to help take your handmade shop to the next level!

Best Selling Handmade Categories: Comments

Do you agree with this list of the Top 10 Best Selling Handmade Categories?  Please share your opinion in the Comments section below. It helps this community grow!

Best Selling Handmade Items

best selling handmade items


Many people are considering opening their first handmade shop or just getting started.  One common roadblock many sellers face early on is deciding which products to sell.  I personally struggled with this issue myself.  I have had several people ask me which items or categories are popular, so I decided to make a few posts dedicated to that subject.  This post details the best selling handmade items.  I wish that I had read a post like this when I was starting my handmade shop.  I hope it helps you gain some inspiration on products to sell so you can start or continue building a thriving handmade business!

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best selling handmade products

This is a list of some of the popular handmade items currently being sold on Etsy and other online handmade marketplaces. There are thousands of popular items, so this list focuses on the best of the best.  You can use this list to discover some ideas for items to sell in your handmade business.  I have broken all of the best selling handmade items into 5 popular categories.  I have included a list of the categories below:


  1. Children
  2. Jewelry
  3. Needlecraft
  4. Clothing
  5. Accessories

I suggest reading more about these categories on my post of The Best Selling Handmade Categories.  I have tried to list at least three popular handmade products for each of these categories.  I hope this helps you come with some ideas for products to sell.


  1. Bows & Tutu’s: There are several popular shops selling girl’s bows and tutus.
  2. T-Shirts: Big brother and big sister t-shirts appear to be extremely popular right now.
  3. Baby Books: There is one shop that is extremely successful at selling baby books.  I think this is a great idea.


  1. Metal Stamped Jewelry: Bracelets, necklaces, and rings that are made out of metal and have been customized with stamped letters.
  2. Money Clips & Key Chains: Similar to above, these are metal items that have been customized to include initials and important dates.
  3. Custom Stone Jewelry: These popular products include jewelry that includes birth stones and other custom stones placed in necklaces, rings, etc.


Embroidery & Patterns: Funny quotes, unique patterns and other embroidery are pretty much the only popular products included in this category.


  1. Kid’s T-shirts with Witty Phrases: Kid’s t-shirts with witty phrases and bright colors are extremely popular.  This matches the popular items in the Children category above.
  2. Tank Tops with Unique Graphics: Some shops are making a ton of money off of simple tank tops with unique animal and nature graphics.  Many don’t include words.
  3. Adult Shirts with Witty Phrases: These are similar to the kid’s shirts, and include funny phrases and puns usually paired with associated graphics.


  1. Buttons:  The most popular shop in this category sells buttons with funny phrases.  The popularity of these buttons really surprised me.
  2. Bows and Headbands:  These are usually for small kids and babies.  Bows are showing up in multiple categories, big surprise!
  3. Unique Keychains & ID Badge Holders:  This actually surprised me.  One shop has mastered selling unique kechains and ID Badge Holders.  You can visit this shop, BadgeBlooms, to see some of their products.

Some Observations

Here are a couple of observations that I wrote down while I was completing some analysis for this post.  These observations could also be labeled as tips for success if you use them correctly.

Customization is important

Many of the popular items mentioned above have the ability to be customized.  This is an easy way to sell more products.  Offer customizable options for items you are planning on selling, and you have a great chance of selling more items!

Unique Niches

Many of the popular shops have chosen popular categories to sell products in, and they have found a profitable niche within that category.  This is a great method for having a successful handmade shop that works time after time.

Differentiating Products

Many successful shops may operate in a crowded niche, but they have found a way to differentiate their products versus their competitors.  It is important to be creative and try different ideas.  Worst case scenario your products won’t sell and you can change to something else.  Be flexible!


You can analyze some of the best sellers on the website craftcount.  This is an outside website that is not affiliated with this community.


This post has listed some of the best selling handmade items by popular categories.  I hope that this information will help you discover which products you should be selling to help your handmade business thrive!  Feel free to contact me with any questions.  I answer all questions as soon as possible, and it is usually within 24 hours.

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Best Selling Handmade Items: Comments

Do you have any ideas related to best selling handmade items?  Are there products that you know are currently trendy and becoming popular?  Please share your ideas with the community in the Comments section below.  It helps us all grow!