Websites Like Etsy

websites like etsy


Etsy is a very popular handmade website that continues to expand rapidly.  Fortunately, several Websites Like Etsy also specialize in buying/selling handmade goods, and many of them have lower fees.  This post lists the Top 5 alternatives to Etsy, and I include a description of each site.  I hope you enjoy!

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Open an Etsy Shop

open an etsy shop


Many people start making handmade items, but they don’t know where to sell them.  There are several handmade marketplaces where shop owners can sell their products, and buyers can purchase high quality handmade gifts.  This post is dedicated to explaining the best way to Open an Etsy Shop.  It includes a step-by-step guide.

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Etsy History

etsy history


Etsy is a well-known handmade marketplace that has expanded rapidly over the past few years.  The company has grown so rapidly, many people are unfamiliar with Etsy History.  I have dedicated this post to explaining the colorful Etsy History.  This is another story where a company with humble beginnings treated customers the right way and started to thrive!

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Sell Handmade Items Locally

sell handmade items locally


Many handmade shop owners fall into the trap of only selling their products online.  I feel that selling solely online is a mistake, and it is a better idea to Sell Handmade Items Locally as well.  Don’t get me wrong, you should definitely focus on selling your handmade items online to reach more buyers.  I feel that you can benefit from selling some items locally as well.  I enjoy having a local presence, and I feel that my handmade items help contribute to the local community because they are unique.  You can read more about choosing to Sell Handmade Items Locally in this Ultimate Guide.

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Etsy Promoted Listings

etsy promoted listings


Many handmade business owners are constantly looking for ways to increase the visibility of their products.  One possible way to pay to market items is Etsy Promoted Listings.  This post is dedicated to explaining Etsy Promoted Listings.

This post contains unbiased information pertaining to the Etsy Handmade Marketplace.  I do not own stock in Etsy or any other handmade companies.  All of the information contained in this post is independent and unbiased.

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Handmade Marketplaces


There are two primary handmade marketplaces that most people are familair with.  The first is Etsy, which is the king of buying or selling handmade or craft items online.  The second is Handmade at Amazon, which is a special area of the Amazon website that is dedicated to items by hand.  Handmade at Amazon has not experienced the same growth as Etsy, and it has helped fuel rumors that Etsy may be a potential acquisition target for Amazon.  That is yet to occur.

Many people like to look for other smaller marketplaces to sell their handmade goods.  I have had several people contacting me looking for alternatives to the main handmade marketplaces.  I decided to dedicate this post to listing and detailing some of the great handmade marketplaces.

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