Reasons to Buy Handmade

reasons to buy handmade


There are hundreds of reasons that people purchase handmade items.  These reasons have helped propel handmade product sales over the past few years. This trend is continuing and shows no signs of slowing down.  As a result, large retailers and marketplaces like Amazon have started promoting handmade items as well.  This post focuses on listing 5 of the top reasons to buy handmade.

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reasons purchase handmade

As stated above, there are hundreds of reasons people purchase handmade. The reasons vary based on each individual’s personality. As a result, I tried to list the primary reasons a majority of people purchase handmade products.  I asked many members of this community along with some personal friends, and I came up with the following list:

Supporting Smaller Businesses and Individuals

One reason that people enjoy purchasing handmade items is because they like contributing to smaller businesses rather than large companies.  When you purchase handmade goods, you can see where your money is going and you know who you are benefiting.  Large corporations usually benefit their rich shareholders more than anyone else.

Reasonable Price for Items that Last

It is true that handmade items can be more expensive that mass-produced machine products, but you are buying products that last.  Handmade items are made with pride and are made to last.  They usually use superior products and have superior craftsmanship.

Products Made with Love

I personally enjoy knowing that the product that I am purchasing was made with love.  I know that sounds a bit cheesy, but handmade items are definitely made with love.  I have never met a seller that did not feel affection for each product that they made with their own hands.  They take pride and put a bit of themselves into each product.

Appreciation of the Craftsmen & Craftswomen

The men and women selling their own handmade products show immense appreciation for my support.  They take pride in their work and they are thankful that you chose to purchase their item over someone else’s.  It is personal to them, and they show it.  I receive handwritten “thank you” notes from handmade sellers.  Try getting that from someone at Walmart!

Better Service

I always receive great service from handmade sellers.  They provide a level of customer support that cannot be matched by larger companies.  When I have questions, they are quick to answer and provide accurate information.  Many people state that the larger a business gets, the less-intelligent it becomes.  That is the PC version :)!  I love getting responses from the individuals that have made the product that I purchased.


I hope that this list has given you some reasons to buy handmade.  Help improve your local economy and make your next gift purchase a handmade product.  You’ll feel better and the recipient will enjoy the unique and high quality gift!

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Reasons to Buy Handmade: Comments

Do you have other reasons that you have chosen to purchase handmade items?  Please share your ideas with this community and help it grow.  I sincerely appreciate your support!

Benefits to Handmade

benefits to handmade


Handmade items have become increasingly popular over the past few years.  People have embraced handmade items because they are unique and they are made with love.  There are several other important reasons why handmade items are popular, because there are many benefits to handmade.  Discover some of the primary benefits to handmade on this detailed post.

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handmade benefits

There are many reasons to purchase handmade items, and, as a result, there are many benefits to handmade.  The benefits may vary from person to person. This post includes some of the primary benefits to handmade, in my personal opinion.  I tried to include all of the primary benefits, and I tried to stay away from some of the obscure benefits.  I hope you enjoy!

#1 Handmade Items Are Unique

This is the main reason that I like to buy handmade items and suggest you do the same.  Handmade items are unique.  They make great presents for those people that you feel like have everything.  I enjoy getting handmade items myself, because I know that nobody else has the exact same item.  I feel that I am unique, and I like receiving gifts that match my personality.  Many people feel the same way.  You can’t go wrong taking the time to pick a great handmade item that matches the recipient’s personality.

#2 Handmade Items Are High Quality

Handmade gifts are made with care and you get a personal touch that is not present for items manufactured in factories overseas.

#3 Handmade Sellers Take Enormous Pride in Their Work

Handmade sellers often sell under their own name, and their reputation is always on the line.  When you buy products made in third world countries, you have no idea who made it and what the conditions were like.  The best handmade sellers take their time and make their products to the best of their ability.  They take pride in their work because their products are a representation of themselves.  They want to do a great job because they want you to spread the word.

#4 Easy Customization

It is much easier to have a handmade item customized to your specific needs if you are buying handmade.

#5 Seller Knowledge of Product

You can be sure that a handmade seller knows the product that they are selling intimately.  They made it with their own hands, and they have usually spent hours making your specific product.  If you have any questions regarding an item that they sell, you can be sure that they will know the answer.

#6 Easy Communication

As a general rule, it is much easier to communicate directly with the handmade seller than it is to communicate with the actual manufacturer of machine made products.  You can usually speak directly with the person that made the product that you are purchasing.  I have always had a quick response (within 24 hours) after messaging handmade sellers.  I can’t say the same about non-handmade sellers.

#7 Get to Know the Seller

You can get to know the handmade seller on a personal level.  Often times they have an online shop that includes personal details about their personal lives.  They also will include information about their family.

#8 Your Money Benefits the Seller Directly

Now that you have gotten to know a little bit about the seller, it is nice to know that they are the ones benefiting from your purchase.  I like knowing where my money goes, and I feel much better contributing to someone I feel comfortable with and know a little bit about.  You have a better idea where the money ends up when you buy handmade items, which leads me to the next benefit…

#9 You can keep your Money Local

When you purchase handmade items, it is much easier to see where the product was made and where your money will end up.  It is easier to keep your money in the United States, or even your local state and city if you purchase handmade.  When you purchase mass produced items, it is difficult to know where the money is going.  They sometimes make it confusing on purpose, which is extremely sketchy.

#10 Handmade Items Are Usually Better for the Environment

Many Handmade items are made from up-cycled or reclaimed materials.  A majority of the work is done by hand, so many handmade items use less electricity.  A large factory uses a lot of electricity and coal, and handmade items use much less by comparison.

Bonus Benefit

In my experience, many handmade sellers are more appreciative of my purchase.  I work hard for my money, and it is nice to know that someone appreciates when I spend it on one of their products.  I have found that several handmade shops will personally write me thank you notes to make me feel good.  I never get handwritten thank you notes when I purchase from Target or Walmart.

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I hope that this post has helped you discover some of the main benefits to purchasing handmade items.  There are hundreds of benefits to handmade, but this post includes some of the primary benefits.  Please help spread the word and help handmade items continue their trend in popularity.  The future will be bright if we all support handmade shops!

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Benefits to Handmade: Comments

Do you have other personal reasons that you like to purchase handmade items?  Please share them in the comments section below.  I love discovering additional perspectives, it helps us all grow!

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