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Many Etsy shop owners are constantly looking for ways to increase their sales and the exposure of their products.  One simple method for this is to strategically Renew Etsy Listings to help improve the search results of your products.  This post is dedicated to detailing How to Renew Etsy Listings to Improve Product Exposure.

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Unbiased Information

All of the information included on this post is unbiased.  I do not own stock in any handmade companies.  I have researched all of these topics extensively, and many of the lessons I have learned from owning my a thriving handmade business myself.

Learn How to Use Etsy Promoted Listings to Increase Sales.


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This is the Ultimate Guide for you to learn how to Renew Etsy Listings to improve the growth of you handmade shop and increase product exposure.  This is any easy and cheap method for beginners to use to help get sales.

Renew Etsy Listings: Overview

As stated above, this is a cheap and easy way to improve Search Engine Optimization and increase the chances of an Etsy buyer purchasing one of your products.  The current cost to Renew Etsy Listings is only $0.20 per product.  As a result, Etsy shop owners can renew several Etsy listings for a few dollars.  This is a good idea for shop owners that are trying to simultaneously improve the exposure of several listings at the same time.  Remember to avoid renewing products that have the same or similar names and listing descriptions.  You don’t want them to compete against each other.

Method to Renew Etsy Listings

This part of the Renew Etsy Listings post describes how easy it is to complete this task.

  1. Log in at Etsy
  2. Click Shop Manager
  3. Click on Listings
  4. Select each product listing to renew.
  5. Click Renew
  6. A confirmation box should appear at this point. It will have the total cost for renewing all of the listings that you have selected. It should end up being $0.20 per item.
  7. Click Renew to confirm that the price is accurate and you would like to proceed

It’s as easy as that!  This is why it is perfect even for beginners to atempt.

When to Renew Etsy Listings for Maximum Impact

This section of the post will include tips to maximize the impact when you Renew Etsy Listings.  I have discovered a great method to help stretch each dollar that you spend renewing these listings.  This will have a positive impact on SEO.  You should try to stagger your product renewals and choose popular times.  I usually choose to renew my desired items on weekend nights.  I will specifically choose to renew selected listings on the 1st and 15th of the month, because these are popular times when people get paid and Etsy traffic increases.  The longer your handmade shop operates, the more you will learn.  This will make it easier to select the optimal products and times for renewal.  The basic idea is to Renew Etsy Listings anytime that you believe that Etsy buyers are shopping in high numbers.  I am always amazed at how many people will flood the market at the same time.  It seems that most buyers follow schedules with their shopping online.  There is definitely a “herd mentality” with Etsy shoppers.  I can see it every time that I check my stats.

Selecting the Best Products to Renew

As stated above, make sure to avoid renewing similar products close together.  This way you are not wasting money by having your own items compete against each other.  This is something that you should remember for any marketing techniques.  Some products will have a tendency to compete with other products in your shop.  Avoid paying the renewal fee multiple times to have multiple items appear at the top of the Etsy search results.  Renew products that are unique and try to choose items from different categories.  Also make sure to stagger renewal times.  Renew similar items on different days.  As a personal example, my shop sells several items that are classified as magnetic bottle openers with chalkboard paint.  I do not renew these specific items on the same date.  This is due to the fact that they would compete with each other and I would be wasting my time and money renewing at the same time.  Just try to be smart and use common sense.

Experiment Renewing Etsy Listings

There is one last tip that I am including on this Renew Etsy Listings Guide, and that is to experiment with renewing products.  It is very easy and will not cost very much to try renewing products in different orders and at different times.  This will have a minimal impact on your shop’s bottom line.  You should definitely attempt different renewal times.  This isn’t a method that affects each shop in the same way; every Etsy shop is unique and has unique products.  As a result, the optimal renewal times will change based upon several factors.  These factors will include the products being sold, the time of the year and time of day.  It is a good idea to put in the time and effort to study this practice.  It definitely has the potential to place your handmade shop at a competitive advantage.


I hope that this post has helped you learn how to Renew Etsy Listings to possibly improve sales and SEO (search engine optimization).  If you have any questions regarding this technique, please leave it in the Comments section.

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Renew Etsy Listings: Comments

Have you ever chosen to Renew Etsy Listings to help improve sales or SEO?  Did it work?  Please share your knowledge and experiences in the Comments section below.  Your comments have helped propel the HBU Community to explosive growth!

Renew Etsy Listings: A Cheap Way to Improve SEO
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Renew Etsy Listings: A Cheap Way to Improve SEO
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