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Many handmade business owners are constantly looking for ways to increase the visibility of their products.  One possible way to pay to market items is Etsy Promoted Listings.  This post is dedicated to explaining Etsy Promoted Listings.

This post contains unbiased information pertaining to the Etsy Handmade Marketplace.  I do not own stock in Etsy or any other handmade companies.  All of the information contained in this post is independent and unbiased.

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This is a Complete Guide for Etsy Promoted Listings.  It covers the main aspects of this marketing technique.  This guide can give you specific information, but the impact of Etsy Promoted Listings can vary widely between companies.  Only you can determine the best way to spend your marketing dollars!

Overview of Etsy Promoted Listings

Etsy Promoted Listings is an available marketing tool that allows shop owners to pay extra money to have their items show up at the top of search results.  The shop owners can set daily limits on how much they would like to spend.  They can then set bids for each item that they would like to promote.  Etsy only charges if someone actually clicks on the listing.

Cost of Etsy Promoted Listings

The cost of promoted listings will vary depending on the daily budget that you set and the bid for each item you are promoting.  You can have Etsy automatically set the bid amount, which is the amount you will pay if someone clicks on your promoted listing.  The daily maximum budget will actually vary depending on the number of sales your company has.  For most shop owners, the daily limit is maxed out at $10, but it can increase rapidly as sales increase.  Mine is currently set at a maximum of $25 dollars a day, but I rarely set it to that amount.

Does it Work?

Promoted Listings will have different impacts on different companies.  Most handmade business owners have the ability to make the Promoted Listings program work for them, but it may take some research.  It is a good idea to change bid amounts and the daily promoted listing budget to see how it affects sales.  This definitely isn’t a marketing program that you want to set and forget.

It may be wise for you to turn the promoted listings on and off.  I usually turn mine on during popular buying times.  For instance, I will increase my marketing budget around paydays and on weekends.  I especially make sure to spend my marketing dollars around popular holidays like Christmas.  You can ensure that you are using the promoted listings more efficiently if you follow this tip.

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I hope that this post has helped you learn more about Etsy Promoted Listings.  This can be a valuable tool if used properly.  It is a good idea to constantly test Etsy Promoted Listings to make sure that the cost is worth it for your handmade business. This marketing technique works better for some handmade companies than it does for others.

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Etsy Promoted Listings: Comments

Do you have positive or negative experiences with using Etsy Promoted Listings?  Please share your comments below and help the HBU Community continue its explosive growth!

Etsy Promoted Listings: A Complete Guide to this Marketing Technique
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Etsy Promoted Listings: A Complete Guide to this Marketing Technique
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