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Etsy is a well-known handmade marketplace that has expanded rapidly over the past few years.  The company has grown so rapidly, many people are unfamiliar with Etsy History.  I have dedicated this post to explaining the colorful Etsy History.  This is another story where a company with humble beginnings treated customers the right way and started to thrive!

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This post and the HBU website both contain unbiased information.  This community is built on trust, and I will make sure to continue to earn and keep your trust.  I do not own stock in any handmade companies, and all of the suggestions I make are to improve handmade shops and buyers.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


etsy history overview

This is a detailed description of Etsy History and a company overview.  This is a wonderful story that everyone should be familiar with, especially handmade shop owners.  I hope that you enjoy!

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Etsy History

Etsy was started in June 2005 by Iospace.  Iospace Inc. was a small business owned by Robert Kalin, Chris Maguire, and Haim Schoppik.  These original owners has the great idea to establish an online marketplace where small business owners could sell their handmade and vintage products.  They knew that the site had to focus on handmade products only.  The first version of Etsy only took a little over two months to build.  Most of the programming and business discussions were completed in a Brooklyn apartment.  Mr. Kalin is credited with creating the name Etsy.  He wanted the marketplace to have a random word in order to build the brand from scratch.  He got his inspiration from the Italian movie, 8 ½.  During the movie, Robert transcribed the words he heard.  He ended up writing etsi on his paper.  This was actually a spelling error; the actors were actually saying “eh, si” which means “oh, yes.”  They said this phrase repeatedly.  I have included a picture of Robert Kalin below:

robert kalin etsy
Robert Kalin, one of the original founders of Etsy. Robert created the name of the marketplace.

Etsy History: Growth Phase

Etsy started to expand rapidly in the first 12 months after launch.  The one-millionth sale was recorded within two years in July 2007.  Rob Kalin continued to serve as Etsy’s CEO until July 2008.  He ended up being replaced by Maria Thomas.  Many notable Etsy employees left after his departure.  This included founders Chris Maguire and Haim Schoppik.  Maria Thomas was replaced by Chad Dickerson July 2011.  The company appears to prefer changing the CEO in July.

Etsy History: Going Public

Etsy went became a publicly traded company on April 16, 2015.  It had an amazing $1.8 billion valuation.  Mr. Dickerson left as CEO in May 2017.  At this point, he was succeeded by a current board member Josh Silverman.  The company decided to remain headquartered in Brooklyn, New York.  This was the city that they were founded in, and they stayed true to the company’s roots.

You can read more about Robert Kalin being replaced as CEO on this external news article (you will be taken to an external business news website).

Etsy Company Culture

Many people already know that companies that expand rapidly have a difficult time remaining true to their original culture.  Etsy seems to defy this trend, and they have continued to do a great job of focusing on handmade items and providing great customer service.  This is why I continue to recommend this as my favorite handmade website, especially for small handmade shops that are just starting out.


I hope that this post has helped you learn more about Etsy History.  This is an excellent marketplace for selling handmade goods.  I highly recommend starting your handmade shop out on this marketplace.  If you have any questions regarding Etsy History, feel free to contact me.

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Etsy History: Comments

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Etsy History: Discover the Background of this Handmade Marketplace
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Etsy History: Discover the Background of this Handmade Marketplace
Etsy is a well-known handmade marketplace that has continued to grow rapidly. This post is dedicated to explaining Etsy History.
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