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Several months ago (March 2017), I created a website community named MyHandmadeHub.  It is focused on teaching people how to open and optimize their handmade businesses.  I received several emails from people asking me for ideas for items to sell on their online handmade shops.  Since their are thousands of handmade products and crafts that can be made and sold via online marketplaces, I decided to create a separate website dedicated to the subject.  This is how Handmade By Ulala was born.  Handmade By Ulala is focused on handmade products, just like My Handmade Hub is focused on Handmade Businesses.

My Story

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My name is Rachel, and I opened my first handmade shop on Etsy in January 2014.  My husband helped me with the general business guidance, and my dad helped teach me woodworking.  Their support paired with my creativity helped the shop expand rapidly.  Within two months, we were having trouble keeping enough inventory to fill the rapid orders.  My son was born in January 2015, and I wanted to spend more time indoors with him.  That started my path to ultimately creating the My Handmade Hub community, which led me to creating this resource.

You can read my expanded personal story on the My Handmade Hub website.

Help Support This Business

It is a full time job keeping this resource updated, along with my related site MyHandmadeHubI have decided not to include any advertisements as I am starting to build this site.  In the future, I will most likely be adding Etsy advertisements for quality handmade shops.  Until that time, I would love for you to contribute to this site by adding comments or questions.  If you become an active member of this community, it will help it grow and thrive!

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