Welcome to Handmade By Ulala!  This is a community dedicated to serving as a free resource for crafting and handmade goods.  This community is focused on handmade products and has two main functions:

#1:  This community serves as a resource for people looking to purchase handmade goods.  I have several posts dedicated to handmade gist ideas.

#2:  This community teaches members how to make specific handmade items and crafts in detail.

I also suggest visiting my main website, MyHandmadeHub.  MHH is community also serving as a free resource for crafting and handmade goods, but it focuses on the business building aspects.  It has hundreds of articles dedicated to helping people open and operate a successful handmade business.  In short Handmade by Ulala is product focused, and My Handmade Hub is business focused.

In conclusion, this website will focus on highlighting handmade products for gifts and teaching people how to make handmade products.  Let’s keep the handmade trend growing and make the world a better place!

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